Truck Tool Boxes

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Truck Tool Boxes

Meyer Truck Equipment has an incredible selection of truck tool boxes to meet your individual needs. Truck tool boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. It’s important to get the box that will look good with your truck as well as help you be more efficient in storing to your tools. We offer truck tool boxes from some of the best names in the industry and many, many more:

  • Weather Guard
  • Adrian Steel
  • UWS
  • Brute

See the experts at Meyer Truck Equipment to help you with your truck tool box needs. We will help you find the right box to meet your needs and to work best with your truck design.

Call us toll-free in Evansville  or Jasper  or contact our sales staff for details.

Tool Boxes Available

Single Lid Boxes – Single Lid boxes are the most popular truck boxes. Designed to be suspended from the side rails of your pickup truck, there is plenty of clearance under the box. The aluminum and steel cross boxes are built with the same durable features keeping your tool secure and protected. Single lid tool boxes are a great storage option for long equipment. Single lid tool boxes lock and open from either side of the truck with push button rotary latches that are interconnected.

Hi-Side Boxes – Hi-side boxes are designed to accommodate more tools, freeing up storage space in the cargo bed. These truck boxes are available in both aluminum and steel reinforced design. Hi-side tool boxes mount on the side rails of a truck, and are offered in a variety sizes and styles to suit every need.

Underbed Boxes – Aluminum and steel underbed boxes are popular options to add storage to your flat bed truck and are able to stand up to the most rigorous daily use. Protected against the elements and secure from theft, tools are still easily accessible with these underbed truck boxes. The underbed design offers a great solution for flat bed trucks that need to carry tools and equipment but need every inch of bed space possible.

Gull Wing Boxes – The two independent lids on the cross box design offer quick accessibility to contents from either side of the truck. Different sizes and styles are available to meet your needs and suit your truck.

Low Side Boxes – Low-side boxes are an effective storage solution for service vehicles and contracting trucks. Low Side boxes are built for low profile mounting, to fit over the side rails of your truck. With these truck boxes, you can have easy access to tools, and still have your truck bed open for larger equipment.

Pork Chop Boxes – Pork chop boxes provide convenient storage, as well as security. The pork chop boxes are designed to be durable and weather resistant. Mounted over the wheel well, this design maximizes storage space.

All Purpose Chests – As the name implies, all purpose chests are a great solution for a number of truck tool box needs. Made for the utmost strength and durability, the unique, offset hinge design allows for zero clearance when opening the cover. This means the chest back may be placed against the front of the pickup bed.

Drawer Units – Great for heavy loads, drawer units are well-suited for modular shelving applications. With this truck tool box system, your equipment will be waiting for you as soon as you open the tail gate. The heavy-duty pull-out drawers can be mounted inside the rear or side doors, offering easy access to tools and supplies while leaving floor space open for other materials or equipment.