Towing and Hauling

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truck hitchNobody compares when it comes to the selection and pricing of hitches and hitch accessories. Meyer Truck Equipment stocks a complete line to meet our diverse customer base needs:

  • Trailer Hitches
  • Gooseneck Hitch – B & W Turnover Ball
  • 5th Wheel Hitches

Meyer Truck Equipment also stocks your accessory items such as balls, ball mounts, receiver tubes, pintle hooks and D-rings. The Meyer Truck Equipment installation experts can also install hitches often within a day notice or less.

Come visit us at one of our 3 locations, or contact our sales staff.

About Truck Hitches

Hitches are essential for business and pleasure, allowing trucks to easily transport campers, boats, large equipment and just about anything that can be placed on a trailer. Hitches are designed with safety, convenience and performance benefits in mind, making your job easier, no matter what the cargo. Truck hitches range from standard needs to gooseneck or 5th wheel hitches, which can handle up to 30,000 pounds of weight. Hitches are available in a vast array of selections, to meet a broad range of needs. In order to find the right hitch to suit your needs, you must consider not only what you intend to haul, but the capabilities of your vehicle. The type of hitch you select should depend on the towing capacity of your vehicle, as well as the maximum amount of weight you intend to pull. Hitches are available in many different styles and classifications.

Weight Carrying Hitches versus Weight Distributing Hitches

For a light load, attached to a truck or car, a weight carrying hitch will be appropriate. These types of hitches are typically installed directly behind the vehicle. Weight distributing hitches use sidebars to distribute the weight more evenly from the front to the back of the vehicle. These types of hitches are the choice for heavy loads, and help to stabilize the transport trailer.

Different Types of Hitches

The most common types of hitches for cars and trucks are ball hitches. Typically the size of the ball determines the amount of weight that can be hauled. The receiver opening size is also a factor, and important in determining towing capacity.

However, big trucks require big hitches. Gooseneck and 5th Wheel hitches mount directly to the bed of pick-up trucks. Both of these hitches can be considered heavy duty hitches, capable of hauling trailers of 5 tons or more. 5th Wheel hitches are perfect for any heavy duty towing needs. Installation of these types of hitches requires the experience of seasoned professionals. Meyer Truck Equipment has the experience to provide you with excellent service and peace of mind you can trust.

Count on Meyer Truck Equipment for truck hitches of all types. We will provide you with the best products as well as expert installation.

Air Lift® for Air Spring Suspension

The ‘suspension specialists’, Air Lift® has been developing dependable air spring suspension products since 1949. Air Lift leads the industry in no-drill applications – kits that simply bolt onto the vehicle’s frame, speeding the installation process.

Air Spring Kits

  • LoadLifter Air Springs
  • Ride Control Air Springs
  • Air Lift Air Springs
  • SlamAir Air Springs

Compressor Systems

  • Wireless Systems
  • Automatic Systems
  • Analog Systems

Visit our Air Compressors page for further details on air compressor systems.

Need Help Leveling Your Load?

Visit our Air Bags & Load Leveling page for load leveling options to improve your hauling experience.