Automatic Tire Chains

Meyer Truck Equipment is an authorized dealer & installer of ONSPOT Automatic Tire Chains. The ONSPOT Automatic Tire Chain System allows the operator to engage and disengage tire chains at the flip of a dashboard switch, in forward or reverse, without stopping, to enhance traction and braking in snow and ice conditions. Come visit us at one of our 3 locations, or contact our sales staff for details on the equipment on this page.

Benefits of ONSPOT Automatic Tire Chains

ONSPOT Automatic Tire Chains provide a host of benefits including:

  • Tire Chains that are permanently mounted so the vehicle is always prepared.
  • Tire Chains that reduce conventional chain mounting/removing.
  • Tire Chains that eliminate wheel well damage from broken conventional chains.
  • Tire Chains that last longer as they are used only when needed.
  • Tire Chains that are D.O.T. approved in all states, including the mountainous chain control areas of Colorado and California.

ONSPOT Automatic Tire Chains are designed to fit vehicles from 1/2 ton pickups to class 8 tractor trailers, both with and without air brakes. ONSPOT kits for vehicles without air brakes include a 12 volt air compressor and holding tank. As all vehicle specifications vary, we require that a Vehicle Suspension Information Form be completed for the vehicle you wish to fit. It takes an average person 10 minutes of time to obtain the measurements this form requires. These measurements will ensure the fit of the ONSPOT Automatic Tire Chains you order. Contact Meyer Truck Equipment for any assistance in measuring your truck.

Meyer Truck equipment represents ONSPOT because it is the original name in automatic tire chains. Since engineering their first automatic tire chain system in 1977, ONSPOT has achieved an outstanding reputation for research and design. ONSPOT automatic chains are designed to perform in the toughest environments, standing up to strong vibrations, abrasive conditions, and salt corrosion. Made of hardened, special alloys, these chains are built tough to last. ONSPOT automatic tire chains are backed by expert engineering and extensive testing.

Whether you have a spring or air-suspended vehicle, ONSPOT automatic tire chains are your choice for severe weather conditions. ONSPOT chains are adaptable, and can be configured to fit buses and trucks. Since the ONSPOT automatic tire chain system is custom fitted, there are none of the problems that are typical with universal adapters. The system remains adjusted, even throughout years of service.

The system works in both forward and reverse, and can be engaged at a moment’s notice. With just the flip of a switch in the cab of your vehicle, ONSPOT tire chains are ready when hazardous conditions appear. While ONSPOT tire chains are effective on snow and ice patches, the system is also designed to perform for long hauls. ONSPOT automatic tire chains are an excellent alternative to roadside chaining up, providing increased efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

Proper installation is the key to the effectiveness of ONSPOT automatic tire chains. Meyer Truck Equipment is fully trained and experienced in the installation and maintenance of ONSPOT automatic tire chains. We are ready to assist you with selecting the right chain system for your vehicle, as well as providing you with expert installation.

Come visit us at one of our 3 locations, or contact us to discuss your automatic tire chain needs.