Camper Shells / Truck Toppers

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A.R.E. Revo modelMeyer Truck Equipment is your source for truck toppers and camper shells. Camper shells are not only used for camping purposes, but also for all types of storage and utility needs. Typically, camper shells and truck toppers mount on top of the rear bed of a truck, where they provide protection of truck bed contents from weather, theft, or other potential hazards arising from open exposure.

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Meyer Truck Equipment is proud to sell and install A.R.E., Century and Ranch, three of the best names in the truck equipment industry. Century and Ranch both have an impressive line-up of truck caps and camper shells – beautiful fiberglass products will provide look you want as well as the utmost security and protection. And A.R.E.’s newest generation reinvents what you thought you knew about truck caps. With the industry’s first tailgate formed rear door, frameless side windows and roof racks and storage.

A.R.E. Z modelMeyer Truck Equipment is happy to provide completely customized camper shells for your personal needs. To assure the best looking results, our camper shells and truck topper products are painted to match your factory color.

With many models to choose from, from elaborate to basic, we have a truck topper to suit every need. Whether you are hauling equipment for a job, or camping gear for a fishing trip, you’ll be covered for style and function. Contact Meyer Truck Equipment today to find the camper shell or truck topper to suit your vehicle.