Bed Covers

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Bed covers have become a necessary accessory for today’s pickup truck. Bed covers keep your cargo secure & safe from the weather. Have Meyer Truck Equipment install a bed cover on your truck.

We offer four main types of bed covers, which are described at the bottom of this page:

  • Retracting bed covers
  • Plastic bed covers
  • Folding bed covers
  • Roll-up bed covers

These bed covers are easy to fold up or remove -– very convenient, no matter how you use your truck bed. Also, bed covers reduce drag from air flowing over the cab. This means the gas savings may very well pay for your bed cover over time.

Meyer Truck Equipment has just the selection you need, with unbeatable prices. We can install any bed cover quickly and affordably at our Evansville and Jasper locations.

retractable truck bed cover

Retractable Bed Covers

Retractable bed covers are the ultimate combination of hard bed security and soft bed convenience. Watch as they safely roll back in seconds!

Plastic Truck Bed Covers

Plastic Bed Covers

Hard plastic bed covers are a strong protection against theft. They are easily lifted using a hinge system and can also be painted to match your truck’s color scheme.

folding truck bed cover

Folding Bed Covers

Folding bed covers boast the smooth look of a hard cover, with the convenience of a soft cover. Quickly fold for access to your entire truck bed.

Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

Roll Up Bed Covers

Soft rolling bed covers are available in a snap style or velcro/tension style. Roll the cover up to the front of the bed to strap it out of the way effortlessly.

Come visit us at one of our 4 locations, or contact our sales staff for details.