Jeep Accessories

Looking to personalize your Jeep? Meyer Truck Equipment has a wide selection of accessories ranging from sleek to bold, to give you just the look you’re going for. Explore options including lighting, trail armor, grilles, and much more.

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jeep bikini top

Bikinis & Bikini Tops

Yes, we’re talking bikinis, but not the beach kind, the Jeep kind! A Jeep bikini top is a soft top that’s used by Jeep owners who want a top cover option that allows for freedom and protection. Bikinis are popular among off-roaders and are more affordable and portable compared to traditional soft tops.

jeep lighting

Lights & Light Mounting

Lighting can be both an accessory and necessity, especially for off-roaders. Not only will additional lights elevate your Jeep’s look, but they will provide more safety. We offer light mounting for above the cab and bumper mounting. We also offer replacement lighting!

jeep hood protector

Trail Armor

Protect your beloved Jeep with rugged, heavy-duty trail armor. Unpaved surfaces can damage your vehicle when you aren’t thinking about it. Defend your Jeep with body protection that will endure any trail, any weather, anytime.

jeep side steps

Side Steps and Running Boards

Steps and running boards are a wonderful addition to any Jeep. Yes, they’re built to help you get into your vehicle, but also to protect your Jeep from all kinds of impacts. Pick from our wide selection of steps and running boards designed to complement your Jeep.

jeep front bumper


Don’t overlook the vast benefits of installing a bumper onto your Jeep! Bumpers add bonus protection and safety and even allow for various mounting capabilities. Browse our wide selection of front and end bumpers and let us find the perfect bumper for your vehicle!

jeep grilles


Thanks to grilles, you have complete control over your Jeep’s look and feel. Customize your vehicle’s grille with a wide variety of products! We will help you find the right one to suit your Jeep.

jeep fender flares

Fender Flares

Fender flares make for an exceptional off-road style that will be sure to get your Jeep noticed. Additionally, fender flares allow for larger tires and additional vehicle protection. Check out our selection of durable and dependable fender flares.