Spray-On Liners

Ultimate Linings spray on liners

spray-on-linerMeyer Truck Equipment offers Ultimate Linings protective coatings for the ultimate in all-weather, all-condition protection. Spray-on liners are ideal for home and commercial applications, as well as marine and industrial needs.

Ultimate Linings has been spraying polyurethane products and bed liners for over three decades. And since they make their own coating chemicals, they fairly claim the industry’s strongest bed liner. Additional product details can be found at UltimateLinings.com.

Meyer Truck Equipment offers Ultimate Linings spray-on liners for:

  • Pick-up truck beds
  • Service body beds
  • Wood or metal trailers

We can provide you with a highly durable, completely UV stable truck bed liner that can be customized to fit any taste or situation.

How We Apply Spray-On Liner

Here is what happens when you hire Meyer Truck Equipment to install a spray-on liner in your truck bed or other surface. First, the surface is wiped clean with a degreasing solution. All areas are masked off and special wire trim tape is applied at the edges of the surface to be covered. Next, the surface is scuffed to allow for proper adhesion and wiped down again. Then, the liner is sprayed again under heat and pressure to the appropriate thickness. The truck is unmasked and your new spray-on liner is reader for action!

Protect Your Investment

Ultimate Linings are sealed against water, rust, chemicals and corrosion. Meanwhile, you can add resale value to your truck with a durable, long-lasting bed liner. Protect much more than just your truck bed! Ask us to use Ultimate Linings products to spray fender flares, nerf bars, rocker panels, tool boxes and more!

Permanent & Durable

Ultimate Linings are truly the best option for the extended use and value of your equipment.

When we use Ultimate Linings spray-on liner products, your truck bed, sides, tailgate or any contour is sprayed with a polyurea elastomer made up of two chemical components. When these chemicals are mixed together, they form a union-free membrane that is capable of withstanding shocks and scratches as you’re out there, making your truck work for you.

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