Western Snow Plows

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Winter? Snow what.

Meyer Truck Equipment is a proud supplier of Western Products — the leading manufacturer of snowplows and spreaders for commercial, personal and light municipal snow and ice control.

We can outfit your truck or SUV with a snowplow or spreader so you can take on the worst that winter can dish out. Whether you’re trying to clear your street or a whole parking lot, we have a large variety of Western products, such as the MVP Plus V-Plow or the “Wide Out” Extended Straight-blade Plow. Lay down salt or sand with the Tornado Spreader or Striker Spreader.

Western Snowplow in action

Types of Western plows we carry:

  • V-Plow
  • Winged-blade
  • Straight-blade
  • Pusher

Types of Western spreaders we carry:

  • Poly Hopper
  • Stainless Hopper
  • Poly Tailgate
  • Stainless Tailgate

If you’re ready to be a winter warrior with Western, come visit us at one of our 3 locations or contact our sales staff.

Western Snowplow product options