Auto Crane Parts


Pinnacle Plus Auto Crane® dealerMeyer Truck Equipment is proud to be an Auto Crane® Pinnacle Plus Dealer.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service with regards to new Auto Crane products, parts and service. We provide parts for Auto Crane’s full line of cranes, including their Electric Cranes, Electric over Hydraulic Cranes, and the fully Hydraulic Cranes. Below is a list of cranes that Meyer Truck Equipment provides part for.

Our crane experts understand the urgency that comes with providing parts for damaged and broken cranes. An out-of-service crane costs the customer money. We aim to provide you with the parts as quickly as possible to limit the crane’s down time.

Come visit us at one of our 3 locations, or contact our sales staff to find the parts that you need.


We provide parts for the Auto Crane® models below.


Auto Crane Models: Electric

Auto Crane Electric Econoton II / II2Auto Crane Electric 2003

Auto Crane Models: Electric Over Hydraulic

Auto Crane 3203EHAuto Crane 4004EHAuto Crane 5005EHAuto Crane 6006EH

Auto Crane Models: Hydraulic

Auto Crane Hydraulic 3203HAuto Crane Hydraulic HC-6Auto Crane Hydraulic HC-7Auto Crane Hydraulic HC-8Auto Crane Hydraulic 8406HAuto Crane Hydraulic HC-9Auto Crane Hydraulic HC-10Auto Crane Hydraulic HC-12Auto Crane Hydraulic HC-14