Truck Equipment in Paducah, KY

We handle the truck equipment needs of Paducah, KY. Find Meyer Truck Equipment in Evansville, along the US-60 route.

The Paducah market is part of the high-traffic trucking network that spans the region. We are happy to serve as Paducah’s on-the-road truck equipment solution, with a wide range of products and services. Everything from cranes to camper shells is available from oureasy-to-reach team.

Meyer Truck Equipment has been serving the trucking community for over 85 years. We provide both retail and commercial customers with the most trusted brands of truck equipment, along with unsurpassed service and great prices.

Our goal is to supply Paducah area truck owners with all the truck accessories and equipment they need. For pickups, our complete line of truck accessories includes hitches, bed liner, toolboxes and more. For commercial customers, we supply the best selection of truck equipment available in the Paducah area – service bodies, dump beds, plows and more.

Conveniently located close to you, Meyer Truck Equipment is ready to serve your truck equipment needs in Paducah.

Call one of our 4 locations, or contact our sales staff about all our available products and services.