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If you didn’t know, we’re pretty big on storage. Especially the sort of storage solutions that make you wonder how you ever lived without them or why they don’t come standard on a truck in the first place. We’re okay about the latter because you can rely on Meyer to up your storage game with custom solutions for a myriad of purposes and vehicles.

This month we are highlighting two of our favorite storage products: Decked and CargoGlide. Decked is a robust drawer system that creates storage under your truck bed while still allowing you to haul up to 2000 lbs on top of the deck. CargoGlide puts your truck bed on rails, so your truck bed can come to you, not only easing your reach, but creating an extra work surface. We even offer Decked + CargoGlide packages for a mind-blowing amount of storage.

That Strain Zone in the middle of your truck bed? It’s a thing of the past. Never crawl, reach or jump into your truck bed again. You’re welcome.

Check out our video to learn more and see the systems in action.

When you’re ready to stand out from the competition, look like a professional, and maximize your vehicle’s potential, visit one of our locations, give us a call, or shoot us an email.

Build of the Month

We love Jeeps and we love trucks, so you can only imagine how tickled we are that Jeep debuted a pickup truck for the first time in nearly 30 years.

The Jeep Gladiator takes the rugged nature of a Jeep and gives it a robust hauling capacity. While already an impressive vehicle, Meyer was able to make this Gladiator a true champion in the arena.

Jeep Gladiator Jeep Gladiator front view

This build includes:

  • Fab Fours front bumper
  • Amp-Research Powersteps XL
  • JKS Manufacturing Lift kit (3.5″ lift with quick disconnect sway bar end links and adjustable trac bar)
  • Fox Shox steering stabilizer
  • Black Rhino Wheels 20×10
  • Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires 37×12.50 R20
  • Quake LED lights installed in the bumper
  • Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

Jeep Gladiator side view

Featured Products

We’re sticking with Decked and CargoGlide for our featured products this month and, since we’ve already shown you what they are, we wanted to show you all the different applications.

Whether you are on duty or off, CargoGlide and Decked have the flexibility to adapt to your needs and make sure you are getting the most out of work or play.

The less time you spend waiting to contact Meyer to add Decked or CargoGlide to your vehicle is less time that you’ll regret not having done it sooner. Click here to request a quote.

Decked truck drawers


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