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When we say cranes can take you to the next level, we mean that literally and figuratively.

Obviously, cranes are quintessential in lifting heavy objects to new heights. Without their engineering, civilization would be pretty flat.

But we’re also here to tell you that cranes can take your work to the next level too. Cranes help folks get more done, build bigger, and make more money. If you aren’t interested in any of those things, you must have gotten a truck just to look cool (which is okay because we can make you look even cooler, but that’s a different email).

When you are ready to get lifted, visit us online or at one of our three locations. You can also contact us at any time.

Build of the Month

ford transits side view

We love Ford Transits for the comfortable cabs, unlimited customizations, and huge windows. Seriously, this one is giving us major gyrosphere vibes.

Anyways, back to the build.

This features an 11’ Knapheide service body installed on a Ford Transit cutaway chassis, a fork lift loadable material rack, and a Pace Edwards retractable bed cover for the cargo area. Customize your truck today.

ford transits back left ford transits back right


snow removal vehicle

Yeah, we’re still pushing our plows and spreaders because spring is at least another polar vortex away.

Be ready to tackle the toughest conditions with Meyer Truck Equipment. We have a large selection of snow plows and salt spreaders for every vehicle. We offer professional installation so you can get in and get out on the roads in “snow” time (see what we did there?).