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People might only associate Meyer with trucks, but we have a range of products for a range of vehicles. Heck, if you had a little coup, we have accessories for it too.

We especially love outfitting Jeeps because of their ruggedness and versatility. It’s a Jeep thing and we totally get it. We can help you get to the highest peak (or out of a ditch) with your Jeep. The customizations are endless. Tell us what you need and we’ll give you what you want.

Visit one of our locations, give us a call, or shoot us an email to find out how Meyer can maximize your ride. You’ll have everyone wanting to peep your Jeep.

Build of the Month

crysteel dump bed
This beefy build of the month is sure to get the job done and then some. It’s a quintessential dump truck for whatever you need to haul. Click here to request a quote.

This build features:

  • 11’6” Crysteel dump bed with 16” drop sides
  • Tapered cab protector
  • Easy-drop double acting tailgate
  • Champion hoist with in-cab control
  • Rc Industries underbody toolbox on both sides
  • Rear hitch with 7-way trailer plug
front view truckback view truck

Featured Product

mob armor phone mount

Starting July 1st, Indiana joined 20 other states by implementing a Hands Free Law. Meant to curb distracted driving, this law makes it illegal for driver’s to operate a moving vehicle with a cell phone in their hands.

Meyer has you covered so that you can stay connected while staying legal. We have a range of hands-free products, including Mob Armor mounts.

Mob Armor uses ultra-strong magnets to hold your phone or tablet securely in place. Installation is non-invasive, making it a cinch to quickly add to your vehicle – no tools required. Since you can easily transfer the mount from vehicle to vehicle, it is perfect for fleets.

Contact us today so you can start driving hands-free with confidence.